Our individual journeys began differently, with Joanne’s starting at the starlit university interchange and Zara’s from a short trip home, but we met successfully at Stansted coach station and eventually found our way through the renovation works to the departures gate.. Funnily enough this was under a huge sign saying ‘Departures’!

We marched happily through security until we were forced to learn sideways walking; we had forgotten to remove the liquids from our bags, and then proceeded to lose the plastic bags which the security guy gave us, so that our bags were swiftly heading to the machine as we were fumbling around!!

Apologies to everyone we rang or texted in a mild panic; after Zara’s phone began to stop working, we played ‘hunt the power socket’ until we were able to reset and resuscitate it 🙂 Thankfully it now works!!!

Our plane journey was quite cool and we reckon we were the second and third youngest passengers on the flight; we lived up to our maturity well by playing card games across three seats (and the aisle, when a card made a fruitless bid for freedom).

Apparently our combined navigational skills are pretty impressive, unless we are within a station. We managed to find our hostel (in a roundabout fashion) and some food fairly successfully,  but we have yet to arrive where we intended when we entered the station..!!!

Our most amusing event happened earlier this evening as we sought refreshment in beer…  Our ID was asked for and the stallholder remarked incredulously to her colleague “is that African ID?!”. Clearly our world is so multicultural that we can be considered African!

So, tomorrow off to Bamberg… Hopefully we’ll sleep better in our dormitory than Joanne on her coach!