So, last night was interesting. We returned to find an old Italian chap who wanted to talk to us about his 20 year old or “antico ” phone.  We chatted to him for a bit and then left. When going to bed, Joanne got a shock when opening our dormitory door to discover him sitting there in nothing but his ‘birthday suit’… He grabbed a sheet whilst we pretended nothing had happened and climbed into our bunk beds; unfortunately he was on the bed under Joanne’s bed! He left hurriedly so we jumped into pyjamas and went straight to bed. He then returned and again began talking to us about his antico phone and how it did charge un poco… We humoured him for a bit, trying desparately not to laugh, but then rolled over to sleep.

In the morning (after a semi sleepless night) we woke up and he began telling us about his life story. We quickly left the hostel for our day ahead and sought breakfast in Bamberg. He had reassured us that our bags were safe as he needed to shave and wash and we decided he was a harmless oddity, so we took all valuables with us!

Bamberg: we were starving and went into the first supermarket that we found.   We bought salami, cheese and 2 massive french baguettes which we gnawed at for the rest of the day. Bamberg was really pretty and we toured ourselves around; getting lost but always finding a good way to go. The only thing we didn’t find when we wanted to was ironically the Tourist Information! Once we found it, we realised we’d already been to most places and felt pretty chuffed. 🙂

We then travelled back to Nürnberg, stopping off at Erlangen on the way back. Joanne managed to get herself a free coffee which she was enjoying pleasantly until the end when coffee grounds filled her mouth. This amused Zara sufficiently for the rest of the journey… Erlangen was lovely with a pretty park and some excellent street musicians.

Once back in Nürnberg we very cautiously entered our dorm, and found it to be empty! We went to buy breakfast for tomorrow and returned with Joanne opening the door cautiously once again.  This time there was a man on his prayer mat in the corner of the room. Zara thought he had collapsed and was ill, and didn’t know what to expect next from our dormitory.

After having previously commented earlier in the day that we had sussed out the station, we got lost more than ever before this time as we sought the underground line to Fürth!!

When arriving at Fürth, we found an exit, bounded out joyfully and suddenly realised we had no idea where we were. At the same time,  two other people did exactly the same thing and chose us as the people to ask if we knew our way around. “Nein” was the clear answer.. We then said that we were looking for stadtpark and the lady so very helpfully said that it was nearby but she had no idea in which direction!!! Therefore we sought a friendly local who gave us some tips.

Initially we were told that the restaurant was full, but Zara managed to ask some questions and get us seats anyway.  We had some tasty local German food and beer and some bonus free beer glasses too. Once returning back at the hostel we realised how tired we were after the days exploration.

Tomorrow will be a day of Nürnberg sights and museums – should be good!