This morning we woke moderately refreshed after a better nights sleep, but Zara experienced more dorm confusion as more people had moved in/out overnight. We had our breakfast and then set out to go to Tourist Information.

A slight miscalculation meant that we realised nothing opened for another hour after getting the tourist card, so we wandered around northern part of the Altstadt until the Kaiserburg opened.

The Kaiserburg was used both militarily and as a palace for the medieval princes, so the exhibition was exciting with lots of swords (making Joanne happy), a large quantity of wooden stadtplans, a tall tower and a 49,9m deep well 🙂 An American party were present at the same time, and the German tour guide kept making jokes about the cleanliness of US tap water vs bayerisches Grundwasser. We pretended to be German…

The Fembo museum was next up with a comprehensive history of Nürnberg; more stadtplans, excerpts of classical music composer in the city, and many fancy ceilings..

We decided that since the first German eisenbahn was between here and Fürth, we should visit the  DB museum and communication museum. We ate bratwurst on the way, with Zara somehow getting mustard over her coat and shorts!

The DB museum was really weird and ‘modern’ and quite disappointing, that is until we finally discovered the main part which had lots of fun train models, incl. Ludwig II’s carriage. The communication museum was in the same building complex. This had exhibits ranging from the first telephones, sound waves to German idiolects, and was fun and interactive (although we seemed to be following a kindergarten group around, and then we couldn’t find our way out!)

We attempted to visit the caves, but after trekking back across the city, we discovered the tours for the rest of the day were full. Seeking consolation, Zara bought a brezel and we took the u-bahn west to the Memoriam Nürnberger Prozesse in which the famous Nürnberg trials were held.
We weren’t expecting this to be that interesting, but it was very detailed and quite relevant for our respective degrees! That trip ended with a supermarket shopping spree in Norma for our favourite German foods and we got the u-bahn back to the Hauptbahnhof and our hostel. However, we hadnt really remembered we were flying hand luggage only with Ryanair, so we spent half an hour trial packing our stuff, before heading out to get a pre-bed helles bier from the Hexenpub north of the castle 🙂

Tomorrow we will explore the zoo and the Dokumentarzentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände (Nazi document centre), and given our bags and number of pullovers, the flight will be interesting!!