On Saturday we ventured north and found Freiburg! It is an indication of how far south on the Swiss border Lörrach actually is, since it took us close to an hour by train to get there – and virtually everyone else in the northern hemisphere considers Freiburg in the deep south of Germany!!

Joanne already knows Freiburg well but it was a fun day touring around the Innenstadt and visiting things like the Münster, the Mcdonaldstor and the mini-Venice part of the city with a cute little waterway lined by small shops and cafes. The Mcdonaldstor isn’t technically a touristic feature of the city; the real name is something like Martinstor and it has it’s own decent history as a defensive structure to the city, but Mcdonalds bought the building and stuck their mahoosive sign across it, so…

At midday we met up with a friend called Sebastian, who we had both worked with in the Austrian Alps during the previous summer. We were firstly in need of refreshment, so we marched towards the ice cream parlour by the opera-house, and then sat outside on the stone steps and watched the trams and cyclists whizz past.

We then walked up the Schlossberg, hoping to climb the tower, but the wooden scaffolding around the metal tower was rotten so we couldn’t, but we still got a good view from a look-out point! The path up the hill goes through the edge of the forest, and since Sebastian has just finished his hunting qualification, he was pointing out the plants and their properties!


There was also a Weinfest in St. Georgen which we wanted to visit, so Sebastian cycled there by bike and we found a tram or two. On the way though we had a detour to a small alternativ food truck festival in Maria-von-Rudloff Platz! Joanne walked straight into a clear plastic tram shelter and I bought a pizza. We also all bought super-healthy bio and organic and fairtrade ice-cream.


The wine festival was quite crowded and very spread out along the streets. We got a bottle of red and a schnitzel to go with it, and found some tables to sit at. We then chatted about life in our various parts of Europe, about our degrees, and life back in the mountains.