Zara had to return to work on the Monday, which meant her travelling back to Obertrum via Munich and Salzburg. So naturally, on the Sunday morning, we headed in basically the opposite direction and visited my friend Lukas in Zürich. Logical? Surprisingly, yes. The bigwigs who organise bus routes had decided that a direct bus from Basel to Munich would be too difficult, but from Zürich…

Anyway, having packed up again, we hopped on a cheery green FlixBus and made our merry ways into Switzerland. It was destined to be another scorcher of a day, but fortunately Lukas was prepared with suncream so we didn’t turn into lobsters. We first went up to the ETH university to get Eduroam wifi, water and a fantastic view of the city nestling in the valley around the lake. Unfortunately the Polybahn wasn’t running, since it is owned by the bank and has to adhere to bank working hours (!) but with a day pass we enjoyed springing onto trams and buses with remarkable ease.

Astonishingly, the day pass for Zone 1 actually includes part of the lake – so using our day passes, we even got a boat ride! We marched down to a boat stop and then rode back to the Limmat via the other bank. Rather jolly good, don’t you know!

Lukas lives in the Altstetten part of the city; full of students and scary cyclists. We had just enough time to make a large bowl of pasta with paprika sauce, and then raced up the Ueliberg by tram. Of course, had we had more than 90 minutes before Zara’s bus, we’d had walked up the track – it is supposed to be a lovely, well-graded walk with lots of information panels – but we didn’t. As it was, we marched up from the topmost tram stop to the summit, enjoyed a tranquil 15 minutes on the summit admiring the view and photographing the lake, the Alps and each other, and then jogged back down to get the tram and hurriedly speed through the Innenstadt to Sihlquai and Zara’s waiting FlixBus!!