Joanne and I (Zara) will be setting out from Obertrum, about 15km north of Salzburg, on the 1st September by bicycle! End destination?  Southampton!

What’s the plan?
With pedal power alone we will cross Europe from alpine Austria to elegant England – with one ferry from Le Havre and Portsmouth (…unless we happen to become particularly talented in the meantime!  😉 )

Stage 1 will probably follow the Alps from Salzburg to Lindau on Lake Constance
Stage 2 will almost definitely head along the Rhine as it weaves past Basel and up to Strasbourg
Stage 3 will somehow wiggle across France, passing Nancy and Paris en route to Le Havre, where we’ll take a ferry to Portsmouth.

We will then sally onwards to Southampton, for our final years of university and the start of lectures.

What’s the point?
We both bought bikes this year during our respective Year Abroads; in addition to the obvious attraction of a long, adventurous cycle tour through lots of countries and with little planning, there is somewhere a vague reasoning that we wouldn’t want to subject our poor steeds to maltreatment by air or rail companies…
We are both sad that our YAs are over; let’s cycle back to Britain in style!!

What are the predictions?

  • Predicted cycling time: 2-3 weeks
  • Predicted distance: about 2000km
  • Predicted metres climbing: about 5000m
  • Predicted number of bananas to be eaten: 40? (will be counted and updated)
  • Predicted number of punctures and repair stops: 5
  • Predicted number of hours cycling: lots!!

Check out this blog for hopefully regular updates to see our progress, hear about our news along the way and see some action shots!

So sit back, relax and watch us PEDAL!!!