Breakfast wasn’t served until eight and Zara’s inability to eat breakfast and Joanne’s ability to lose clothes pegs meant we didn’t get underway until about 10am. Having cycled down into a valley yesterday evening to our accommodation, we were not surprised to start the day with a long ascent. We called by a small supermarket and bought bananas, toothpaste and a toothbrush for Joanne which got Joanne very excited (though she has since lost it twice..).

A lady helped us at a junction futher on and gave us instructions for how to get to Gmund am Tegernsee. Swiftly we arrived!  We were feeling good after our slow start, and even somehow managed to manoevre our very heavy and unwieldy bikes down a flight of steps! However, the glistening lake lured us into the wrong direction down to Bad Wiessee, which lost us a fair bit of time… We regretfully turned back and cycled back up the hill where we had come from before! An early lunch stop was due to restore spirits and relieve the weight of the wheat beer bottles in Joanne’s pannier..

Post-lunch we were sure of our route and we set off once more, now heading more towards where we wanted to be. Bad Tölz! This had a delightful old town with a very colourful centre with pretty painted houses and blooming planters full of geraniums and marigolds. We didn’t stop long as Murnau am Staffelsee was calling, but refilled water bottles at the Tourist Info and then pedalled down across the bridge.

From Bad Tölz we headed through lots of smaller places before getting to Benediktbeuern where we joined a gravel track. We were well on our way when a man stopped us asking if we were from Holland since apparently half of the Netherlands seem to cycle here. We explained our route to Le Havre, and he said first ‘clean’ and then ‘without pancakes’! (In different contexts, sauber means ‘respect’ and ohne Schmarrn ‘no joke’). Anyway, he then told us we shouldn’t go left along the way we were planning, but instead go straight on and he could show us the way. He then asked where we were staying and we said we had no plan but to find somewhere in Murnau. He invited us to stay with him and his wife, and after a bit of hesitation, we accepted. This involved a very large U-turn and we are now 20 km east of Murnau. We have however been spoilt rotten and we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves once we got relaxed and trusted this man and his wife who eventually arrived. He cooked us pancake soup (Flädlisuppe), a delicious goulash and then lemon ice-cream pudding.  We even got to use their washing machine and tumble dryer!! Jokes, stories etc have all been shared and a good time had 🙂

They chatted with us about the route and they seem to be keen to cycle with us tomorrow!
Anyway, breakfast is calling at 07:30 tomorrow so in a guest room of a random stranger, but now an acquaintant’s house, we are off to get some well-earnt sleep!!

Distance: 78.8km

Ascent: 841m

Highest point climbed: 789m

Average speed: 18,2kph