Today started off chilly, and we had been promised rain and storm so we packed up our little room in the Gasthaus accordingly. Breakfast was prompt at 8, with a soft-boiled egg, plenty of bread, cheese, ham and jams, and then our hosts supplied us with a few tools to make adjustments to panniers and brakes.

We cycled up through Eisenberg and the woman who gave us tea last night hooted at us from her car and we had a quick chat 🙂 It was strange cycling up and over the hills we saw in low cloud and storm the day before! We chatted to an elderly lady at the top of a hill who was cycling the Bodensee-Königssee Radweg alone! She was e-bike free just like us and unlike most of the the other people we saw today!

Zara freaked as she came extraordinarily close to cycling over a large brown toad and we headed on towards Nesselwang. Joanne got a giggle fit and we rode on merrily!

Immenstadt had a lovely albeit very cobbley old town and Joanne decided to navigate us a ‘scenic’ route going round in circles but giving us a detailed tour. Zara was given shopping duties and came out to Joanne’s horror with a jar of gherkins and 2 balls of mozzarella…. I think I might not be shopping again 😉

We then peddled uphill to Oberstaufen and had a rather hilarious lunch break with Zara unsuccessfully eating Bauernbrot sandwiches and Joanne threatening to offer gherkins to passers-by! The view down the valley was excellent, there was still no sign of the promised rain and we were well rested by the time we moved on.
By 3pm, the clouds were vanishing and the sun was shining so we gave up with all our rain gear and forgot about the weather forecast. We had originally semi-planned to stay in Oberstaufen as the B&B hosts said we would never make it to Lake Constance today! However , with optimistic spirits we decided to head onwards and upwards to Simmerberg. Once seeing a sign for Lindau 39km away, we were unstoppable!

A very hilly route and a now very changed landscape kept us occupied. Spontaneously at about 4pm we decided Bregenz was a better place to aim for than Lindau and this meant arriving back in Austria! After a huge uphill struggle, we were rewarded with a remarkable descent lasting over 9k to Bregenz from Langen, which made sure our tired legs were long forgotten!!
With our first glimpse of Lake Constance we couldn’t believe we had made it! Down on the promenade we chilled and enjoyed the sun, whilst Joanne refused to ignore the no going in the water signs and slipped remarkably well on the slimy steps, almost making a right spectacle!!

Having found accommodation with a kitchen, we have managed to get lots of food cheaply today. We have cooked lots of couscous and now are munching through sticky chocolate fudge cake…
We now need to decide whether it will be best going north or south round Lake Constance… Some people have even recommended taking a ferry – but that’s cheating 😉  We’ll take a look at the cycle signs and a few maps later on. But that’s for tomorrow!


Distance: 101. 4km

Altitude gained: 1121m

Moving time : 6hrs 34 mins

Total tour distance up to now: 456km