Morning arrived and we were summoned to breakfast by our host playing ‘Morning is broken’ on his tuba. We were then given soft boiled eggs, which turned out to be a prank as they were rubber ones! But despite packing early, we couldn’t quite leave since they wanted to show us a video of them making bread!

The sun was calling and we went on our way with a few loops of one village as the cycle signs in Simbldorf did just lead us in circles!

Murnau was lovely and had a wonderful centre! After a bit of refueling we set off on our way, with a few technical issues causing stops amongst an off-roading section through mud, rocks and tree roots. A fast road took us to Bad Kohlgrub and soon after we were on some forest tracks crossing the Ammengauer Alps. Zara got totally scared by a frog, and Joanne decided to plough through a riverbed..
We came into Schwangau and Füssen along some delightful valley paths and soon Schloss Neuschwanstein appeared to our left!  Füssen turned into a food stop… It was a very busy place, and Joanne basically wiped out an entire flower bed with her bike panniers – ‘wide vehicle’ 😉

After leaving Füssen it was time to put on waterproofs, because the first rain turned up amidst strong winds.
Accommodation finding became tricky… The combination of it getting late and raining meant that daylight hours were running out. A tourist information centre with a computer allowed us to search but everywhere we rang said they were full!

We gave up hope in Eschenberg and cycled on towards Nesselwang. We reached Schweinegg as it was getting dark and a storm was approaching. The rain set in and we found yet another guest house, which was full. A lovely couple let us in though, and offered us tea and they phoned around to find us somewhere to stay. They must have called about 15 places when they started saying that we could sleep in the office as it wasn’t looking promising! They therefore prepared some supper and we chatted to them exchanging stories about travel, life and politics! They found us a bed and breakfast eventually and they loaded the bikes onto a bike rack and drove us back down the rather large hill we had just cycled up!  We will be well practised at it by the time we tackle it for the second time tomorrow 😉

Distance: 100km

Altitude gain: 1273m

Maximum height: 954m

Average speed: 16km/h