We left Bregenz somewhat earlier than planned. Despite assurances that the garage would be locked, we knew it was open and every time a van drove into the gravel drive to turn around or park, we were thrown into a state of mini-paranoia!! We were worried about the bikes as if they were to disappear over night our delightful European adventure would be over. Neither of us slept so well, and we left to have a picnic breakfast on the lake shore. It was riveting. We found the Seebühne, a strange theatre on the lake, which looked all rather impressive; it had large battalions of Chinese clay soldiers lining the walls.

The signs leading out of Bregenz were difficult to link into at the start but we soon found the way around the south shore. Joanne was rather sleepy at first, and kept saying something about a rest day or sleep.. we found a little café, fixed her with a coffee and that talk has now entirely disappeared!
Following the Bodensee cycle path was super easy navigation especially for us pros 😉 We whizzed around and ended up in Schaffhausen after a lunch break in Kreuzlingen by the harbour! A bike maintenance session was called for, since our chains were looking grim, and we ended up tearing an old tea towel apart for the job. Joanne’s rag had been coated in the fishy tomato sauce from the exploded tin of herring fillets at the bottom of one of her pannier bags during the storm two days back. Zara had not offered much sympathy. 😛 In all fairness, she had not wanted to take the tinned fish anyway…

We also stopped off at one of the lake lidos as we had been wanting to jump into a lake since the Chiemsee! As it neared 4pm, we withdrew ourselves from the glaring sun and the cool water and clambered ourselves back into the saddle, making our sun-tan lines worse! We are both the ‘proud’ owners of panda eyes, helmet strap lines and fantastic HD Definition lines on the arms and legs…

We turned off the cycle path at Stein am Rhein, which was a very picturesque painted town by the river before climbing up through the forests and down into Schaffhausen.

Accommodation was a simple find today and dinner was the cheapest thing off the menu because of Switzerland prices. We are now relaxing in our hostel by the station; planning tomorrow’s route to Lörrach and applying after-sun!

Distance: 123.9km

Height climbed: 546m

Moving time: 6h45m

Average speed: 19.4km