Today was glorious sunshine from start to finish! We really have been lucky with the weather so far. Today we intended to leave early but somehow with having to buy breakfast and navigate ourselves to the Rhine falls and through the coach park and car parks… It ended up being more like 10am when we were having breakfast and having only cycled 5.5km.  Anyway, we found a wonderful breakfast spot where we discovered our remaining cooked couscous didn’t taste the way it used to. I don’t remember the last time I’ve eaten something more gone off than that!!!

Rhine falls!

We followed the Rhine for most of the day and I have no idea how many border controls/country borders as well as railway crossings we crossed! Crossing from Switzerland to Germany and back again every few km was quite confusing!

Joanne seemed to be a huge attraction to the bees, which flew down her t-shirt twice causing the cyclists going the other way to be rather bemused!

Lunch break was rather civilised with pork, cheese and pickled onions and a huge chunk of bread as well as some unwelcome wasp visitors, which Joanne temporarily trapped in a plastic box until we had finished!

Lunch spot right by the Rhine

In the afternoon,  the scenery was stunning too, though very different to just a few days ago! That is whilst we could see it – hoards of flies kept appearing..  with many suffering by death through suntan cream! 😉

Post lunch, we had a few slight pannier bag technical difficulties but made our way along! A mandarin break just before Basel gave us the remaining energy to get up the hill from Lörrach to where Joanne’s guest family live!

Pannier bag fixing session

We were greeted to plans being made for the evening, which was all going to be way too much! Instead we showered and are now playing games and chatting with Joanne’s host brother whilst her host parents are cooking us some food! Couscous stuffed courgette and tomatoes was served and thankfully not the mouldy/gone-off variety!!!

Tomorrow, we head to what will be country number 4 – France! Time to see how much A-level French i can remember.. And to see how good Joanne’s really is 😉


  • Distance: 121.1km
  • Altitude gain: 547m
  • Moving time: 6hrs 45
Today’s route