With Joanne’s pannier bag now fixed by Daniel, we munched some breakfast – with Laugenstange and Seele!! We then set off promptly as we had a long day in the heat ahead of us! Navigation was relatively easy since Joanne already knew the first part of the route up to Neuenburg.

Snack break

Afterwards, there were a couple of complications trying to find the actual cycle path we were aiming for, but one very helpful French guy gave us directions and a German guy actually chauffeured us to the cycle path, which runs for about 50k parallel with the Alt-Rhein. We were in the direct sun for all of this, but had no complaints as once we got to Breisach we found a supermarket and devoured an entire tub of lemon cremissimo ice-cream!!
We then had to cross the river back into France, which involved being stared at by 3 gendarmes, and then navigate our way to the little canal de Maur du Rhin. This canal leads straight up to Strasbourg in a VERY straight line for 58km, and the towpath has been converted into a fantastic piste cyclable. It would probably have been a bit dull if we were going slowly, but it was the end of the day and we were speeding along happily.

Never cycled so far in a straight line in my life
Pretty canal

We arrived in Strasbourg at 7pm and made our way through the centre to la Place de Broglie, where we are staying with some friends of Joanne’s family in an 18th Century apartment.  They fed us well on the rooftop terrace, and we have an entire suite to ourselves on the top floor!

Today we have a half rest day and have been enjoying a short wander around Strasbourg before getting some lunch and heading off to a youth hostel in Saverne via more canal paths!

Famous clock in Strasbourg cathedral

The morning heat is already strong so it might be good that we have got a short stage planned today!


Distance: 146.8km

Moving time: 6hrs 51 minutes

Average speed: 21km/h

Altitude gain: 116m