French organisation and societal rules mean that supermarkets don’t tend to open until 9am and we really needed food. So the plan was to grab food at 9, and get pedalling by 09.30 at the latest, making the most of the cool morning whilst temperatures remained below 28’C.  However,  with so many canals and rivers, Zara didn’t quite consider the navigation properly and we went flying off in the wrong direction! Or maybe she didn’t think that our cycle tour was long enough already?

The day’s cycle started by joining a canal path – this time, the Champagne – Bourgogne canal. It all got rather adventurous later on though when a road turned into a dusty track, and then a very narrow dusty and rocky track, which then morphed into a bramble path, which became so overgrown that we could no longer ride along. At what would have been the sensible point to turn around we continued until we eventually hit an earth mound across the ‘path’. We bravely battled our way with bikes over it and the path turned back into a dusty track for the last few kilometres before coming out in a village!

The rest of the day we spent on broad, very empty roads with not much around apart from barren fields and an odd tractor. The heat hit us hard today and finding water wasn’t so easy!

We have been staying with some friends of Philippe (Joanne’s dad’s penpal) and had some delicious dinner (guinea fowl)! They even offered for us to stay longer but with accomodation plans already made for tomorrow (with some more friends of Philippe),  it seems rude to mess them about even if it would have given our legs a well needed rest!

Tomorrow is also gonna be super hot so the plan is to get going much earlier than we did today!
We will somehow be attempting to cross Paris!