Cycling today was easy and relaxed, albeit still in the heat, which we we have begun to adapt to. We slept late, breakfasted with Nadia and Christian at 9, and by 10 were slowly packing our panniers. Pretty sure at this point our bags can pack themselves!!

Our hosts walked us to the start of the cycle path leading straight through Versailles (to both see us off in the right direction and get some exercise) , and we pedalled off and away down the busy road. We paused outside the Chateau and the statue of Louis XIV, saw the Versailles road cyclists race off with full forces and pedalled in with our heavy loads along the cobbles and bumpy roads!

After about 50km we were back in the countryside and Paris seemed like a distant memory! It was all going well until we arrived in Évreux through industrial parks, supermarket car parks, triple lane traffic light junctions and more! Seeing as our hotel was planted in the centre of this chaotic mess, we didn’t have much choice other than to battle it.

With the hotel in the middle of nowhere we didn’t have much choice than to eat there. This did turn out to be a great choice as there was a buffet starter with all sorts of fancy things, which as hungry cyclists we attacked and fairly demolished, before setting to our steaks with gusto! The workers’ faces said it all!



Distance: 97.8km

Height climbed: 750m

Moving time : 5hours 40

Average speed : 17.3 km /h